Mandate for the Department

Activities of the department are meant to ensure that the country achieves targets for local and international agendas:

Expected Outcome

Improved and sustainable urban systems in cities that will contribute to sustainable development and economic growth.

Core Functions

  1. Coordination of Urban Infrastructure and Services Development.

  2. Urban Development Management.

  3. Coordinate the development of Secondary Cities.

Sub Functions

  1. Providing policy and legal framework to support urban development planning and management.

  2. Supporting the development of mechanisms and structures for local authorities to improve their capacity in planning and management of urban development.

  3. Promoting sustainable physical and economic development and growth of urban centres.

  4. Support processes of enhancing the appeal of cities to local and foreign investment.

  5. Providing support to processes of urban renewal.

  6. Providing support to processes of slum upgrading.

  7. Providing a platform for the discussion of urban development challenges and emerging issues.

  8. Monitoring and evaluation of urban development programmes and projects.

Notable Achievements

Facilitating the preparation for City Summits by City Councils.