Service Charter

If you are not satisfied with our services, please call this number: 01 789388. Alternatively, write to:

The Secretary for Local Government and Rural Development
P.O. Box 30312
Lilongwe 3


1 Enquiries on Local Government Services,
Rural Development and Decentralization
(walk-in/phone and written enquiries)
• Cooperation from client
• Correspondence
Free • Up to 15 Minutes.
• Up to 7 Days.
2 Handling of complaints and
grievances from the stakeholders
• Official letter from the
stakeholder indicating the issue
• Documented evidence of
the matter being reported
Free • Variable.
3 Provision of current policies, guidelines
and other strategic documents for local
governance, rural development and
•Official request
Free • Up to 5 Day
4 Processing production of sector devolution
• Official request
Free • Up to 6 Months
5 Processing the facilitation of Sector and Technical
Working Groups meetings for integrated rural
development and decentralization
• Official request
Free • Up to 21 Days.
6 Processing of the councils' draft
subsidiary legislations
• Official letter of Submission
• Layman’s subsidiary legislation
• Council resolutions
Free • Up to 2 Months
7 Processing of requests for development
of community infrastructures (Rural
Growth Centers, Urban/Rural Markets,
Bus Depots, Sports Stadia, Council
Offices and other rural/urban infrastructures)
• Official request.
• Prioritized site in the Urban/District
Development Plans
Free • Up to 1 Year
8 Facilitating payment of development
project works and compensations
• Official request.
• Certificate of completion /
milestones of the projects
Free • Up to 45 days
9 Provision of quality control and
assurance on production of Socio-Economic
Profiles, Urban/District Development Plans
, and Monitoring and Evaluation Plans
for Councils
• Official request
• Socio-Economic Profiles,
Urban/District Development
M&E Plans
Free • Up to 14 Days
10 Processing Local Authority Performance
Assessment report
• LAPA Self-assessment report Free • Up to 1 Month
11 Processing of requests for installation
and elevation of chiefs
• Official request Free • Up to 1 Month
12 Processing of payment of honoraria
to chiefs
• Official request Free • Up to 1 Month
13 Processing of general leave application
for District Commissioners and
Chief Executive Officers
• Official request and filled
application form
Free • Up to 14 Days