Directorate of Administration

Directorate of Administration is responsible for the following activties in the ministry

Directorate of Finance

The mandate of the Directorate is to provide financial management services in an efficient and effective manner with the view of enhancing accountability and transparency in the utilisation of public resources. The Directorate performs the following key functions:

Directorate of Planning

The planning and policy directorate is responsible for providing technical backstopping in the formulation of responsive local development plans which is critical in the delivery of the aspirations articulation in the national development agenda of Malawi 2063 Vision. Additionally the directorate is also liable for providing technical support in the strategic planning of the ministry and other auxiliary annual operational tools in particular, annual budgets, annual work plans and procurement plans. Critical to the process is the formulation and review of prices and provision of socio and economic guidance for the transformational agenda.

The planning and policy directorate is also in charge for providing policy guidance and technical support in the formulation and implementation of the public sector reforms program. Furthermore, the directorate handles the formulation and provision of tools to facilitate the tracking of performance of the planned programs and projects as well as be responsible for monitoring and evaluation of services in the Ministry and Local Authorities.