The Directorate of National Unity

The Directorate of National Unity was created in July 2020 under the then Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity

The then Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity was in 2022 renamed to be the Ministry of National Unity still being responsible for civic education and promoting peace & national unity. It was created to spearhead creation of an empowered, informed, patriotic and united Malawi citizenry.

The Directorate facilitates implementation of measures that promote peaceful co-existence as well as a culture of unity of purpose for pursuit of common national development objectives among Malawians.poverty.

The Directorate of Civic Education

It is a policy holder and coordinator of civic education that aims at laying a formidable foundation for civic engagement and enhancement of national unity as a way of promoting mind-set change for transformative development

The Directorate exists to provide a platform for interface between citizen and government and act as a channel for promoting and protecting the rights of citizens as well as promoting understanding of state and citizen responsibilities in the pursuit of national development.

Under the Malawi 2063 MIP 1, the Directorate is tasked with performing its activities under the two key enablers of Mindset Change and Effective Governance Systems.